Blue Nile vs. Yehuda Diamonds

Yehuda Diamond Company, an online retailer of clarity enhanced diamonds, has recently been sued by their online competitor Blue Nile. Blue Nile claims certain statements about clarity enhanced diamonds can be misleading to consumers. Clarity Enhancement is a process by which microscopic material is inserted into diamonds that contain feathers. This filling material contains the same optical properties as diamond itself and causes light to pass through the feather. This treatment process makes it harder to view such inclusions. In the complaint, Blue Nile acknowledges that “clarity enhancement can improve a diamond’s apparent clarity by one or two grades.” However, it states that these statements can be misleading to consumers looking to buy quality diamonds.

Clarity enhanced diamonds present a problem for consumers looking to buy natural, quality diamonds. The durability of such clarity enhanced diamonds is nowhere near that of pure diamond. Additionally, this enhancement treatment can be eroded by heat, routine cleaning and even sunlight. Reputable and knowledgeable jewelers always disclose treatment methods of any diamonds they offer for sale. But realistically, not all jewelers are reputable. Customers looking to buy diamonds need to be aware of the treatment methods available for quality gemstones. Consumers need to arm themselves with the knowledge necessary to make an educational decision when it comes to buying diamonds. Buyers, by no means, need to be experts when purchasing gemstones. However, they need to educate themselves with the proper knowledge and be able to know the right questions to ask. Trust becomes an important factor when buying precious gemstones of any kind. Consumers need to trust the source of their diamond purchase and make sure they are not being misled.

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