World’s Largest Diamond?

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478 Carat Rough DiamondA stone recently found in South Africa could be the largest diamond ever found. In the afternoon hours of August 27, 2007, a small mining company working in the northwest province of the country unearthed this massive stone. Under preliminary estimates, the stone weighs near 7,000 carats. If these estimates are correct, this stone would almost double the largest rough diamond on record, the famous Cullinan. However, the Cullinan was later cut into smaller stones, which are now featured in the British Crown jewels.

Brett Jolly, a shareholder in the mine, was quoted as saying the stone is light green in color and that it is between 6,500 and 8,000 carats. The stone has since been transported to a vault in Johannesburg, where it will be photographed and further assessed by experts. Jolly wouldn’t release the name of the mining company or the mine sighting security reasons.

Further tests are scheduled to be done on August 28 to determine the actual size and worth of the stone.

In a photograph next to a cell phone, the stone appears to have a greenish tinge and looks to be about the size of a coconut. A spokesman for the De Beers Mining Company, the world’s largest diamond mining company, said the area where the stone was found was not known for producing gems and stones of this color were even rarer. Experts claim if the stone is a genuine diamond, it would be the “stone of the century.”

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