Custom Elk Tooth Pendant
Custom Elk Tooth Pendant Pendant Custom Pendant Elk Tooth Pendant Custom Pendant Jewelry

Custom Elk Tooth Pendant Jewelry: 1443-2

Custom Fashion Jewelry

Designed around the ivory tooth from an elk that a customer hunted, this custom made pendant was created in 14k yellow gold with vivid ruby accents. On the back we designed a scene with a majestic elk in his native environment. Elk actually have two ivory teeth in their upper jaw, located where the canine teeth would be on a dog or cat and the rest of their teeth are enamel. If an elk wants to intimidate you, he will snarl his upper lip up at you and show you his ivory teeth. Then he will grind his tooth or click his tooth at you. If he is really mad at you he will raise his head up in the air and flap his lips. Many scientists believe that the elk s ivory teeth are the remnants of tusks from the elk’s prehistoric ancestors and that they used to be 6-8 long! tooth from an elk that a customer hunted

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  • Product ID: 1443-2
  • Total Stones: 6
  • Total Carat Weight: 0.2