Maw-Sit-Sit Band

Maw-Sit-Sit Band

Men's Custom Jewelry

This gents band was made for a customer who loves green. We helped him choose one of the most beautiful green gemstones, Maw-Sit-Sit. This piece was hand carved, then set around a 14k white gold ring sleeve. Maw-Sit-Sit was first discovered by Swiss Gemologist Eduard Gubelin in 1963 in a Burmese town by the same name. This material is found where Imperial Jadeite is mined is actually an aggregate of numerous minerals found in the famous jade mining region of Tawmaw in the Himalayan foothills of northwestern Burma. The six main components are: Chromite, ureyite, chrome-jadeite, symplektite, chrome amphibole, and a matrix of lighter minerals.

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