Asha Diamond Simulant

Asha® is a very unique diamond simulant. Asha® are the only simulants to feature pure carbon diamond bonds in their construction. The result is a simulant that is able to create the same brilliance, luster and fire of a diamond at a simulant price.

Asha® stones feature "Amorphous Diamond", which are man-made microscopic diamond crystals. These small diamond crystals are injected into the stone using the Amorphous Diamond Treatment (ADT). This process is also known as "Diamond Infused."

Amorphous diamond coating

Asha® Diamond Simulant in the Diamond Coating Chamber undergoing Amorphous Diamond Treatment.

Gemex Brilliancescope System

Asha® diamond simulants have been put to the ultimate test. A 1 carat Asha® round stone was submitted to the Gemex Brilliancescope system. The Gemex system measures light return using sophisticated lasers. The return is measured using a computer. Then, the beauty of each diamond is compared to other natural diamonds. There are three ranking categories: White Light, Color Light and Scintillation. The results are incredible. Asha® diamond simulant ranked at the high end of each category.

Amorphous Diamond Treatment

Two Asha® stones were recently sent to an independent testing lab. One stone was coated using Amorphous Diamond Treatment and the other was uncoated. The following pictures show the results of this test. This test is known as the "contact angle goniometry."

  • Uncoated Asha® Stone

    Asha Diamond coating 1

    Notice how the water beads very tightly on the uncoated stone.

  • Asha® Stone Coated Using ADT

    Asha Diamond coating 2

    The water beads almost flat on the Amorphous Diamond Infused Asha® stone.

This helps to show how the Amorphous Diamond Treatment keeps your stone cleaner for longer. The Amorphous Diamond Treatment produces a surface coating that has a coefficient of friction equal to or better than that of TeflonTM. This smoothness of the coating means dirt has less of an opportunity/ability to stick to it, reducing the frequency of cleaning needed to keep your Asha® beautiful.

How hard is the latest version of Asha®?

  • The current version of Asha® is similar in hardness to sapphire, or 9.0 on the Mohs scale.
  • Diamond - 10
  • Moissanite - 9.25 (approx)
  • Asha®: 9.00 (approx)
  • Sapphire (corundrum) - 9.0
  • New generation zirconium simulants: 8.5-8.7 (approx)
  • Typical CZ - 8.0
  • Emerald - 7.5
  • Tanzanite - 7.0

Under the durability testing (abrasion via grinding wheel) it was a no-contest win for the latest version of Asha® as compared to any other type of zirconium based simulant.

Will the amorphous diamond coating on the Asha® come off?

Atomic force microscope testing has shown the amorphous diamond is literally blasted into the upper layers of the substrate, making it more like an infusion process and less of an actual coating or layering. Amorphous diamond also has a much more flexible molecular structure than crystalline diamond, which greatly impedes chipping.

Will Asha® test positive on a diamond tester?

No, it will not. Even though the upper layer of Asha® contains a multitude of tiny diamond crystals (Amorphous diamond), they are linked together by SP2 bonds instead of SP3 as in gem diamond. Thus, the heat signature is different and this is reflected when testing by a diamond tester.

Note that diamond testers simply measure *heat conductivity*, they do not actually detect the presence of "SP3 carbon, or diamond". Thus, traditional diamond testers are sometimes also fooled by colorless sapphire and Moissanite.

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