Cabernet: RB8 1106
Cabernet: RB8 1106 Cabernet: RB8 1106 Cabernet: RB8 1106

Cabernet: RB8 1106

William Henry Writing Instruments

Twist Mechanism Specifications:
Cap: Ebonite
Barrel: Amboyna Burl Wood
Frame: Titanium and Aluminum
Accents: Mokume Gane
Mechanism: Wavelock©
Price: $800
This piece features one of our hallmark materials.
These natural materials owe their patterns and distinctive color palette to the specific and often unique conditions in which they came to exist.
Because of the fossilization process, soil composition and meteorology, these rare fossils, exotic woods, shells and rocks can show dramatic differences in color and pattern, making every piece a one-of-a-kind.
When you purchase a piece featuring our Unique Materials logo, the object you receive is indeed truly unique. It becomes a distinctive symbol of your own character, and an integral part of your living legacy;
a rare and precious personality statement that will accompany you for a lifetime before being handed down to another generation.
Please note that for these reasons, when you buy a William Henry featuring one of our unique materials, the piece you receive may look different from the one shown on our website. A truly original one-of-a-kind.


  • Brand: William Henry
  • Product ID: IJ-815-00084
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The Cabernet is a superlative rollerball pen featuring a barrel in Amboyna Burl Wood, and a light structure in aerospace grade titanium and aluminum. The accents on the ebonite cap are in Mokume Gane and the pocket clip is set with citrine. This beautiful writing instrument also features William Henry's patent-pending cap closure system – a ring of chromium steel balls embedded in a titanium ring which are captured in wave-shaped grooves in titanium collars for closed and post positions. p>