Cool Inclusions

The space shuttle diamond inclusion

The Space Shuttle in a diamond. Cool diamond inclusion.

Over the years we have been trying collect some of the more interesting gem inclusions. It's amazing how a little imagination can take something perfectly random in nature and make it something else

This diamond inclusion is shown at 60x magnification. At 30x and especially 10x, when using a loupe, this inclusion is nothing remarkable. But boost up the magnification a bit and all of a sudden you get a clear image of the Space Shuttle.

Photo courtesy of Paul Reiser from Paul Reiser and Assoc.

The Pterodactyl

Pterodactyl Inclusion

This is my favorite diamond inclusion. The pterodactyl looks ready to glide down out of the sky and snatch up some unsuspecting caveman for a quick meal.

Photo courtesy of GIA all rights reserved.

Playboy Bunny diamond inclusion

Playboy Bunny diamond inclusion

This diamond inclusion looks just like the Playboy Bunny logo when viewed straight down through the table of the diamond. Even with all the carbon spots it would make a cool gift for just the right woman.

The Palm Tree

Palm Tree Inclusion

This diamond inclusion looks to be a metal inclusion. It brings up thoughts of California dreaming.

Photo courtesy of GIA all rights reserved.

Diamond inside a diamond

Diamond inside a diamond inclusion Diamond inside a diamond inclusion

This next inclusion makes a great two for one deal. In the belly of the larger diamond is another perfectly formed diamond crystal. The cutter took extra care to cut the diamond so that it showcased the small diamond crystal inclusion.

The top photo shows the diamond at 10x magnification and the bottom photo shows it at 35x magnification.

Photos courtesy of Marty at the Gem Art Gallery.

The Heart

The Heart

Diamonds are all about love and beauty. How much more love can you show than by giving a diamond with a heart embedded in it?

Photo courtesy of GIA all rights reserved.

Golf Club

Gold Club inclusion

How can your sports fan not appreciate getting a one wood included in their new diamond? This unusual inclusion traces the outline of a golf club.

Photo courtesy Mark Clodius at Clodius and Company.

Gnat in Baltic Amber

Mosquito in Amber

Jurrasic Park anyone? What gem inclusion page would be complete without a bug in amber?

Direct from the Upper Eocene Epoch, about 45 to 50 million years ago, this piece of Baltic Amber from Primorskoe, Kaliningrad, Russia, has a Dark winged fungus gnat embedded in it.

Pink Garnet Inside Diamond

Garnet in a diamond

This cool inclusion is a very small pink garnet that was picked up when the diamond itself was forming. This stone was brought in by a customer who wanted to use it in a new pendant and we noticed the pink inclusion when we examined the stone under the microscope.