Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

When it comes to Custom Jewelry, the craftsmen of Images Jewelers takes pride in having the ability to consistently create the very best in handcrafted custom jewelry design. Whether it is the smallest sterling silver pendant or a million dollar blue diamond, we put the same effort, care and detail in to each and every piece of custom jewelry we make on your behalf. Contact your Custom Jewelry Professionals of Images Jewelers for the very best quality and value available anywhere. In addition, when you work with Images Jewelers, you get the successful marriage of traditional jewelry making and the latest in technology.  With Computer Aided Design, the milling of wax models, and the growing of resin models with our Aureus 3D printer, Images can make your custom jewelry to your exact specifications.  Of course, we still use the finest in jewels for the final touches to make your jewelry the best it could possibly be.  To learn more about the Custom jewlery creation process, Click Here for details.

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You’ve no doubt looked at generic offerings found in jewelry stores near you and nothing seems to be exactly what you want. So you decide that instead of opting for the more standard jewelry store inventory offerings, you are ready to create an heirloom like no other. Next, the process of creating custom jewelry begins with a phone call or an email to our jewelry designers. With many years of experience, your design ideas are fined tuned though interactions focused on turning your ideas into beautifully designed heirlooms like no others. During the process, your custom jewelry designer will ask questions that help determine if your custom jewelry is right for you, and if not, help you with a deep pool of designer jewelry resources that can help you save both time and money.

Speaking of time, it’s important to understand the time involved in designing and handcrafting your custom jewelry. That time starts with the initial contact with an experienced custom jewelry designer. What type of jewelry design do you envision? Do you have pictures or images that you would like to use as a foundation for your custom jewelry design? What type metal do you want it made from? Gold, Silver, and Platinum are great starting points for metal selections. Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds or other gemstones? How large do you want your piece to be? If it’s a ring, do you know what size the finger is that it’s going on and have you confirmed a ring size recently? Are you interested in any alternative design ideas? Once you’ve provided all the answers posed by your custom jewelry designer, the next step is to determine if creating custom jewelry is best for you. The question of “How much is it going to cost?” is then answered with an approximate price range, because to know for sure, we come to the next step in the custom jewelry creation process – the jewelry design phase.


In order to determine what the final price of your custom jewelry design is going to be, time is required for planning and create the specifications needed to properly meet and fulfill your custom jewelry design concept.  At this point in the process, a deposit is required to do the preliminary work necessary to confirm exactly what your custom jewelry is going to look like and how it will be priced.  Until this step is completed, we can only make rough estimates of what the weight of your selected metal is going to be, the size and number of diamonds or gemstones are going to be, and the time and labor involved in handcrafting your custom jewelry.  The amount of the deposit will vary, depending on the details and overall complexity of your custom jewelry design.  At the end of the Custom Jewelry Design process, you’ll receive a color three dimensional rendering of what your custom jewelry design is going to look like and its final delivered price.  While your initial jewelry design deposit is non-refundable, your deposit is of course applied to the price of handcrafting your custom jewelry design exactly as memorialized in your design rendering.


After your approval to begin, the next step is to begin handcrafting your custom jewelry design.  Modern technology has greatly improved the entire process of creating jewelry from the design phase through the use of Computer Aided Design (“CAD”) principles used in making of the models used in the casting process.  Since most custom jewelry today is cast using precious metals such as gold, sterling silver, and platinum, your custom jewelry designer will often use CAD technology (depending on the type of custom jewelry being made) to a milling process that takes the place of the old-time wax carver and electronically cuts a piece of jeweler’s wax into an actual size model of the piece of custom jewelry being made.  In cases where a high degree of detail or customization is required, 3D printing technology is employed to render the custom design out of a special resin that are far more accurate than traditional milling, with custom jewelry designs as fine as 50 microns!  

The final product of both is a highly cost effective working model of the final piece of custom jewelry that is then used to model the mold for your custom design!  The model created is then placed into a flask roughly the size of a soup can and then a plaster like material that is called “investment” is poured around it.  The flask is then baked in an oven to a temperature of approximately 1500 degrees so that the investment hardens.  The custom jewelry model dissolves inside, leaving the impression of the custom jewelry inside the investment.

Once the flask cools down, the investment is then removed and put into a casting machine that not only melts the metal that is used, but also then injects the molten metal into the impression inside the flask.  Once this process is complete and the metal has cooled, the investment is then broken to release the foundation of the custom jewelry that will eventually become yours!


With the Investment process completed, your custom jewelry designers then begin the process of deburring and polishing the resultant casting, setting diamonds and other precious stones that are to be added, and doing final finishing work process. An example of such finishing work is the use of rhodium plating of custom jewelry in White Gold that renders a bright white polish that makes your custom jewelry a true work of art!

The final steps of the custom jewelry design and creation process at Images Jewelers is to carefully photograph your custom jewelry so that we have a visual record of your jewelry that supports the preparation of an appraisal used to insure your custom jewelry against loss.  We then contact you to let you know your custom jewelry is ready, collect any remaining balance owed and ship it to you via your selection U.S. Postal Service Priority Express Mail, or Federal Express if appropriate.  Call now to speak to one of our experienced custom jewelry designers. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with your custom jewelry design and we look forward to serving you.