Company Overview

Our first store location Bob and Steve and our Princeton Street store
The Princeton street store Our current store on Bristol Street

Started in a small back street studio in 1976, designing and manufacturing all the jewelry we sold. Images Jewelers was founded on an idea: Bring together artistry of design, skill of craftsmanship, superior knowledge of precious gems and metals and a passion for excellence. For more than a quarter century, these four points have guided and formed Images Jewelers. Today, this desire to create beautiful and precious pieces of jewelry burns brighter than ever as Images continues to be recognized as one of the nation's premier jewelers.

The ability of Images Jewelers to transform an idea - even an emotion - into a valuable and unique work of artistry is unparalleled. Design skills are married with craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The expertise of a Graduate Gemologist and a broad and intricate network of gem sources work in unison. the result: exquisite jewelry that is unique and precious.

Images Jewelers also carries the world's most exclusive jewelry lines including Rolex at our showroom located next to the Christiana Creek Country Club at 300 E. Bristol Street in Elkhart, Indiana. Showroom hours are from 10:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday and from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays.

The Owners:

Bob Klose

B.A. Jewelry Design, Indiana University
Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Senior, Charter Member National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

Bob started Images Jewelers on June 23, 1976. In the beginning he did it all, jewelry design, sales, and 8 years on the bench making jewelry. Bob now spends most of his time working with customers, helping them design the perfect piece of jewelry just for them, finding that special designer piece, and managing the day to day sales operations.

Steve Lennox

Mechanical Engineering, Rose-Hulman
Mechanical Engineering, USC
GIA Diamonds and Colored Stones

Steve Lennox has been in the jewelry business for 35 years. Steve is our shop foreman and also handles sales and buying, and is in integral part of what makes our in house jewelry shop one of the best.

The Sales Staff:


Graduate Diamonds, GIA Graduate Colored Stones Program, GIA

Nancy is our lead sales person and has been in the jewelry industry for more than 25 years. Not only is she the showroom manager, she is also responsible for all front office activities, preparation of appraisals, maintaining our extensive sales history, and is specially trained to do all of our stringing of pearls and beads. We feel extremely lucky to have her on our team.


B.S. Business Process, Indiana University

Graduate Diamonds, GIA
Graduate Colored Stones Program, GIA

Shawn Klose is our Director of Sales, son of founder Bob Klose and comes to us with 8 years experience in the golf and high end hotel industries. Shawn is currently enrolled at the G.I.A earning his Graduate Gemologist degree. In Shawn's 10 years at Images, he has quickly learned the jewelry business and guides our marketing and sales efforts into the next generation.


Indiana University

Edge Retail Academy Graduate

Alexis is a true jewelry lover and style aficionado who we rely heavily upon on buying trips. Her acumen for social media and Search Engine Optimization trends keep us on the cutting edge of online marketing, a true gem and important addition to our team of experts.


B.S. Management, Indiana University

Graduate Diamonds, GIA

Kelly Klose is the son of founder Bob Klose and comes to us with 6 years experience in the retail sector. Kelly has quickly become an integral part of leadership here at Images. Kelly currently leads our design team and is also the head of our web sales department.

The Jewelers


Chris is our head jeweler. He is an excellent repair artist ,an outstanding custom fabricator, and master stone setter. We have been greatly impressed with his skills and ability to never stop growing in the trade. We are truly lucky to have him and help us lead our staff of jewelers into the future of the industry.With over 25 years of jewelry and artisan work, Chris is highly skilled and his artistic ability is beyond measure. He is a true master of his craft.


New Approach School for Jewelers

BFA in Fine Metals, Kutztown University

Our newest jeweler, Nicole has an obvious drive to excel in our trade. For her, jewelry-making began at a young age and grew into a unique and compelling passion for her during high school. Her design interests are global, especially reflecting her love of nature.


Ben has spent the last 20 years specializing in the design and manufacture of fine jewelry. He is meticulous in his work and has the ability to create the most complex designs from start to finish.

The Office Staff:


B.S. Business Administration
GIA Jewelry, Diamond and Colored Stone Fundamentals

Bryan started in the financial services industry where he was a financial advisor and office manager. He uses these skills to help Bob and Steve grow Images Jewelers to the next level by providing internal business analysis and helping with day to day operations, allowing Bob and Steve get back to their best skills, designing and selling jewelry.


Holding the most important position in the office (head bookkeeper), she keeps our financial house in order through her over 30 years experience in accounting, business development, finance, and tax law.


As office support, Taylor has a crucial role in making sure things run smoothly. We love working with her as she brings a true sense of joy to the workplace.

The staff at Images Jewelers is proud to be a cutting edge jeweler with traditional roots. While we have all studied and trained in classical jewelry repair and manufacturing, we have not limited ourselves to the past. We actively pursue all modern technologies that allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality jewelry made in the most efficient and practical way.

Let's take a very quick look around our shop:

Jeweler workstations
Jewelry Shop - Work Benches

Our first stop is our Jewelers Row. Along the East side of our shop we have a row of jewelers benches for our jewelers to do the bulk of their work. Everything happens here. From fabrication, to repairs, to sanding and hand polishing, this is the place where most of the work happens.

Jewelry Shop

You can see our first laser welder in back, the vast array of cutting and polishing wheels, engravers, racks of setting burs and hand tools, steamer, and of course, every jeweler's most important tool - "the ever present cup of coffee".

Images Jewelry Laser and Engraving Station

Laser Welding / Engraving and Laser:

On the other side of the room is our detail area. On the far left you can see our engraving bench. Equiped with a high power microscope, and an air operated graver station, we can carve, set, and finish any ring, in any metal, to and desired level of cut. From delicate bead and micro setting, to fine scroll work, this is where it all happens.

In the middle of the room is our second laser welder. It may look small, but it gives us the ability to do fine repair work around the most delicate of stones without fear of causing heat damage, or having to pull and reset, to stones, even Amber. Again, it has a microscope attached to it so that we can see even the smallest details and create a laser beam as small as .2mm to sneak it into even the smallest spaces. This tool has fired nearly 2 million laser pulses since it entered our shop, and we use it every single day.

And on the right, under our stained glass window overlooking the retail showroom, we have a wax carving area. Look there, yet another microscope. Using a huge assortment of custom made wax carving tools, some of the greatest wax designs come to life on that humble little table.

Buffing Room
Buffing/ Polishing Room

Here you see our polishing room.

We use high speed buffing wheels with literally dozens of different wheels to get the best finish possible on every single piece of jewelry that comes through our shop. Even the most simple of repairs gets a trip through the polishing wheel to return your jewelry to you in as near new condition as possible.

Jewelry Casting Room

Wax Mill / Argon Vacuum and Centrifuge Casting:

Back in another room is our rather cluttered casting, milling, and polishing room. A real quick tour around the room, from the lower left moving clockwise, is our flat and square rolling mills with our ring stretcher. Straight back, in the center of the room, is our argon vacuum casting machine and an older, yet well used horizontal casting centrifuge. Here is where the casting happens. We melt silver, gold, and  platinum, using all new casting grains. We cast one piece at a time, under carefully controlled conditions, all to get the best possible cast every single time. In many cases, casting metal in the natural environment produces quality results, however, jewelers have figured out how to act against nature in order to achieve optimal properties from their cast components. By using a vacuum to evacuate air in an enclosed area, either to produce a mold, pour castings or melt metal, we can successfully produce complex, difficult castings in a controlled environment. If you’ve ever sipped a drink through a straw, then you understand the analogy of vacuum casting, an alternative to traditional casting. In this method, molten metal is drawn into the mold, like soda climbing up a straw, for a more controlled, less turbulent fill of the mold cavity.

5 Axis Wax Cutting Mill

In the far back right, under the white ventilation hood, is where our burnout ovens are kept. You could see them quite clearly from here if our huge lathe wasn't in the way. And yes, we do use this large lathe in jewelry work, just not very often. And then to the right is our Revo540CX, this mill cuts the design directly into wax. This is a next-generation wax mill that integrates exclusive software with the latest hardware to provide superior part quality and the capacity to do an infinite variety of designs.

Right about now I'm guessing you are wondering what that wall in the back is all about. That is our model board. Many of the design we develop are recast in silver and have rubber molds made of them. Some may be reused, or used as starting points for new designs, and others may never be used again but we wanted to keep a solid history of what we have done in the past. There are hundreds of different rings, pendants, and other assorted jewelry pieces hanging there, with even more molds of past projects stuffed in every nook and cranny of our shop. We may be focused on moving forward with our craft, but we are proud to keep our past close at hand to remind us where we have been.

3D Printer

Aureus 3D Printer:

In this area you see our EnvisionTEC Aureus 3D Printer. This machine is the number one choice for jewelry manufacturing due to the precision and castable materials offered straight from the machine. Highly detailed filigree and accurate settings are produced that a human jeweler just can not match.

The Aureus has already proven to be unparalleled in our shop, for instance a set of 15 rings can be produced in a castable material within 5 hours! The accuracy achievable is beyond laser or printing alternative technologies with 15 micron resolution. (1 micron = one millionth of a meter) Because of this the Aureus makes the perfect choice for our micro pave or invisible setting designs.

Not to get too technical, but how the machine works is based on the principle of Photopolymerization, which is the use of a liquid polymer that changes its properties to a hard resin when exposed to light, creating 3-D models with the finest finish technologically possible today, which means the absolute highest quality custom jewelry to our customers.