Birthstone Jewelry

Custom Birthstone Jewelry Designs

One of the most popular jewelry gifts for both moms and children is Custom Birthstone Jewelry. This isn't a modern tradition either, birthstone jewelry dates back thousands of years and was tied to the strong beliefs that different gems provided different protections to the wearer. Today they are a primarily a symbol that represents when you, or your child, was born.

Birthstone Jewelry falls in to a similar category as Custom Mother's Day Jewelry. It represents family and history and can serve as a tie between generations. It also happens to be one of our favorite types of jewelry to make, close behind our Custom Engagement Rings. One of the great things about birthstone jewelry is that we can create a huge variety of styles and designs.

In many cases when we discuss birthstone jewelry people think of the more standard birthstones in a row as we did here with this gold ring we created.

Birthstone Ring

But being the craftsmen and women that we are we can take your ideas and carry them on to the next level as we did with this birthstone ring. The center stone represents the daughter, but the surprise stones on either side of the gallery represents the mother and the father so that when the daughter is old enough, she can inherit the ring and wear it.And just to make it extra special, we hand engraved the entire ring.

Engraved birthstone ring

Not to be forgotten along with the birthstone jewelry is zodiac jewelry. Recently we created this adorable ring for a couple that represents both Pisces and Cancer.

Zodiac Jewelry

The next time you are considering getting piece of jewelry for someone's birthday remember that you are following in a very long tradition of classic gifts. But also remember that you aren't limited to just what you see on the shelf. At Images Jewelers we are able to create amazing and unique pieces of custom birthstone jewelry just for you.