14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring featuring Amethysts
14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring featuring Amethysts Diamond Amethyst Ring in Yellow Gold Yellow Gold Diamond and Amethyst Ring

Diamond Amethyst Interlap Ring

Women's Jewelry

A 1.02 carat center stone is complemented by over 1 carats in round brilliant diamonds and just under 1 carats in amethyst. The royal color of the yellow gold accents the natural purple hue of these beautiful gemstones.

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  • Brand: Images Jewelers
  • Product ID: 1617
  • Total Stones: 41 Diamonds - 54 Amethysts
  • Total Carat Weight: 2.15cttw Diamonds - .94 cttw Amethysts
  • Availability: 2 - 3 Weeks
Built around a 1.02 carat center diamond and four .12 carat complementary diamonds, this extraordinary interlap design features a distinct blend of amethyst and diamond. The 54 amethysts weigh just under 1 carat and have a nice, deep royal purple hue. The 14k yellow gold accents the color the these stones and blends them well with the brilliance of the round brilliant diamonds. This ring is sure to turn some heads!