Laura Gibson

It would almost seem natural for Laura Gibson to pursue a career in the arts. In her childhood, Laura was surrounded by an assortment of art and creativity. Her father was an established writer while her mother worked as a sculptor. Even her grandmother had an artistic background, working as a painter. Early on in her career, Laura found herself working as a sales and marketing specialist for IBM. However, a spontaneous trip to the world famous Tucson Gem Show would change her career plans forever. It was there she found her true aspiration, designing jewelry with exotic, rare and colorful gemstones.

Laura Gibson Jewelry

Laura Gibson jewelry

Laura began designing jewelry from her studio in Tucson, Arizona. The enormous demand from consumers for her colorful jewelry led Laura to launch the Laura Gibson jewelry line in 1996. Laura's jewelry is now carried by many fine jewelry establishments across the country. All of Laura's jewelry consists of her signature "LG" clasp, guaranteeing the authenticity. Laura's unique use of gemstones in 22k yellow gold creates a line of jewelry that is one-of-a-kind.

Laura designs her unique jewelry for one reason, to be worn. She utilizes a variety of gemstones in her unique jewelry collections. From Iolite and Rubellite to Fire Opal, Citrine and Blue Topaz, Laura offers a gemstone to suite anyone's fancy. Laura's jewelry design inspiration comes from the gemstones. She uses the natural beauty and color of the gemstones to create simple, creative and unique works of art.

Laura Gibson : Inspiration

Laura's inspiration also comes from the environment around her. She takes frequent trips to Nova Scotia where she indulges in the beautiful landscape and peaceful surroundings. The tranquil atmosphere frees her mind and allows her to capture her creative spirit.

Laura can also be credited for her excellent customer service. She always strives to meet the needs of her customers. The delivery time for her unique items is unbelievably quick. Laura has been known to deliver pieces overnight to customers for special occasions. It is this remarkable customer service and dedication that set Laura apart from other jewelry designers. She credits her design staff for this extraordinary turnaround time and excellent customer service.

Laura Gibson jewelry is available in our Indiana showroom only.