Custom Mother of Pearl Oyster Pendant
Custom Mother of Pearl Oyster Pendant Pearl Oyster Pendant

Mother of Pearl Oyster Pendant

Women's Jewelry

This custom Mother of Pearl oyster pendant one of a kind rose gold oyster pendant has 2 surprises inside; a 5mm pearl and a secret inscription: "The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. This one is for the queen of my heart." On both the outside and inside of the pendant are hand done mother of pearl inlay work and the piece is strung on an 18 inch rose gold chain.

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Most pearls are mainly made of Nacre, which is actually a mixture of many inorganic and organic substances, thus, pearls are not a pure substance like diamond, but instead, they are made from a compound that embodies purity. The reason for a pearl's unique look is due to the way light is affected when it strikes the pearl's surface. Make her happy and surprise her with this gorgeous, custom mother of pearl oyster pendant.