Notre Dame / USC trophy. The Jeweled Shillelagh.
Notre Dame / USC trophy. The Jeweled Shillelagh. The Jeweled Shillelagh. USC Custom Notre Dame / USC trophy. The Jeweled Shillelagh. Notre Dame / USC trophy. The Shillelagh. The Jeweled Shillelagh. Notre Dame Notre Dame / USC trophy The Jeweled Shillelagh trophy.

Notre Dame / USC Trophy. The Jeweled Shillelagh.

Themed Jewelry

The trophy was originally presented in 1952 by the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Los Angeles, stating that "this shillelagh will serve to symbolize in part the high tradition, the keen rivalry and above all the sincere respect which these two great universities have for each other.

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For each victory, a respective jeweled ornament is added to the foot-long club. For each USC victory, a ruby-adorned Trojan head is added, marked with the year and game score; for each Notre Dame victory, a similarly detailed emerald-studded shamrock is added. For tie games, a combined Trojan head/shamrock medallion is used (the NCAA has since changed the rules to allow no tie games since 1996). Although the shillelagh was introduced in 1952, the medallions go back to the start of the series in 1926.The original shillelagh was retired in a 1995 ceremony and is now permanently displayed at Notre Dame. In 1997, Jim Gillis, former head of the Notre Dame Club of Los Angeles, commissioned a second shillelagh, longer than the original and handcrafted from a blackthorn in County Leitrim with gold and jeweled medallions made by us here at Images. Go Irish!