Custom Split Shank with Cushion Cut Center

Split Shank with Cushion Cut Center

Women's Jewelry

This custom split shank design was crafted in 14k x-1 white gold, so it will never need rhodium plating. X1 stands for extreme white, Level 1 color rating. The World Gold Council's White Gold Task Force's guidelines for white color, specify that level 1 color rated white gold does not need a rhodium plate to achieve a good white color.

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The cushion cut is an antique cut that most often resembles a cross between the Old Mine Cut (a deep cut with large facets that was common in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries) and a modern oval cut. This shape is also sometimes referred to as the pillow-cut or the candlelight diamond (a reference to cuts designed prior to electric lights, when diamonds sparkled in the light provided by candles).