Custom Yellow Heliodor Ring
Custom Yellow Heliodor Ring Heliodor Ring Custom Heliodor Jewelry Yellow Heliodor Ring

Yellow Heliodor Ring

Women's Jewelry

This Custom Made Yellow Heliodor Ring was created with Brazilian yellow beryl, or heliodor, which is a large emerald cut stone. The ring was cast in 18k white gold.

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  • Product ID: 1465-2
  • Total Stones: 1
  • Total Carat Weight: 5.71
Yellow beryls have been mined for centuries, but the name heliodor (gift of the sun) was given to this fine golden beryl after its discovery in a deposit near the town of Rossing, Namibia, simply to give it some notoriety in the local press. The most important sources of yellow beryl, which is often found with aquamarines, are now found in Brazil. High quality yellow beryls are expected to be quite clean, like aquamarines, while maintaining a rich natural color like this stone.